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One of the more successful online business programs in recent years is the Motor Club of America. This is a business that focuses on providing consumers with special on-the-road services that can be quite helpful when stuck on the highway in need of assistance.

However, for those who participate in the program there are ways to earn extra cash which has made this company quite popular. Before you make your decision to try the Motor Club of America, it is important to know what it is, what it does, how people make money from it, and is it really as good as advertised?

What is the Motor Club of America?

The name itself suggests another, even more popular club known as the American Automobile Association (AAA) and there are some similarities. The Motor Club of America offers members a series of emergency assistance services designed to help people if they have a mechanical breakdown while travelling. As with the AAA, if you should breakdown on the road you simply call the number and the right company that is part of the Motor Club of America will respond and provide assistance. This basically means towing and repair services that come at a discount rate because you are a member.

However, the most attractive feature is the affiliate program that the Motor Club of America offers for those who sell their services. Basically, this means that you can become an affiliate member of the company much in the same respect as online businesses such as Amazon for example. This means that if someone were to purchase the services of the Motor Club through you, then you would receive a healthy commission.

The affiliate program is more than that however as you can recruit others into the program and when they sell you earn a commission off of what they earn. This is a classic Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) system that lets you build a team of sellers who work for you in offering the product to consumers while you earn a percentage of their commissions.

What You Need to Know

the lowdownBasically, in order for the Motor Club of America to start working for you, there are a number of things that you will need to know so that you can become successful.

  • Understand all the basic aspects of the Motor Club of America system
  • Know how to sell the emergency assistance programs
  • Market your services using social media, blogs, and other online efforts
  • Invest in additional marketing methods while building your website
  • Become an effective recruiter

In the end, the requirements of the Motor Club of America are not much different than any other MLM-type operation. You will need to be diligent, perseverant, and profitable in order to make serious money using this particular system.

Cost of Motor Club of America

The good news is that it only costs $40 to access the main area of membership for the club. However, there is a monthly fee of $19.95 in order to maintain your affiliate membership. The ads for the Motor Club claim that you can make $80 after your initial payment of $40 which is true in the sense of the benefits that you receive. Another interesting note is that some ads claim that you can make 200% commission when being part of the club which may sound a little strange to say the least.real price

If you actually purchase the Motor Club of America, you can receive the following discounts or coverage along with the 24/7 roadside services;

  • Compensation for stolen vehicle
  • Prescription drugs
  • Dental work
  • Discounts for hospital and hotel stays
  • Attorney’s fees

On the surface, this sounds like the perfect way for people to make money as they are offering a service that many people will need and can earn as much in the way of commissions as they like through MLM recruiting. However, does the Motor Club of America affiliate program really live up to its billing?

Potential Disadvantages

arrowDOWNWhile the advantages certainly seem powerful enough, there are some issues with the overall system that makes it less attractive.

Underdeveloped: While the claim is that it is simple for people to make money online with this system, the truth is that you will not make any money unless you effectively market the services. Basically, you are on your own when it comes to marketing the Motor Club of America.

Natural Seller: For those who are turned off by selling, this is not the program for you. In fact, in order to be successful either as an affiliate or pushing the MLM aspect you will need to be a persistent seller that pushes the product relentlessly. This not only means finding new buyers, but keeping the ones you have paying month after month because if they quit there goes your commissions.

This is not the place to earn money if you have very little when starting out. There is a high degree of selling which requires a considerable effort in marketing that drives up the costs. So, it cannot be said that this is an easy program to make a considerable amount of money.

Is the Motor Club of America Worth the Effort?

Overall, it can be said that this program is definitely not a scam and is on the up-and-up when it comes to the services that they offer. If you find a good sponsor who has been successful with the program for years, then that is the one to go with as they can provide you with the right guidance to make money without having to spend too much in the process.

However, without the right guidance it can be very difficult to sustain any type of success with the Motor Club of America over time. This is particularly true when the emergency services packages are not the least expensive on the market as AAA for example offers similar services at a lower price. Having said that, if you get the right sponsor who can provide the proper guidance and you have some money saved up for marketing, then this is a good program if you are very persistent in your efforts.

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