Boost My Online Biz: Legit or SCAM?

I’m lucky enough to have friends and business associates that help me out and tell me about great opportunities when they come around. I run an online business, and I love to remain in the know about online marketing and business-boosting programs—for obvious reasons. I’m in the business of making money, and once I tasted success, I wanted more of it. My friend recently told me about Boost My Online Biz, and I decided to dive in head first. She was an early adopter, and she urged me to get on board before their membership closed. Of course I wanted in.

I feel like I’ve heard of every money making scheme, marketing program, and affiliate marketing concept out there. My focus recently is getting people to opt in on my email marketing, which I have found to generate a great deal of income for me. Once you find people to opt in, it’s only a matter of time before they start clicking. The fact that Boost My Online Biz offered a way to increase permission based opt-ins was a huge perk that got me on board with joining.


The ad co-op idea is an incredible model, and one that has proven its worth beyond initial intrigue. By following this model, I’ve been able to get my business in front of many, many more interested people than I ever could have at the same price point anywhere else. With numerous campaigns happening all at once, the ups and downs of one campaign doesn’t make or break my budget. In my experience, the ad agency level results that are advertised are met easily.

Early in my career, I worked with an ad agency, which was what motivated me to learn online marketing; I would never pay the kind of money that ad agencies charge for something I can duplicate myself at home with some dedication. If you’re thinking of hiring an ad agency, skip it. Boost My Online Biz is a great starting point, and entirely enough for most businesses. A lot of the things this program does for me were things I was doing individually before at a higher cost… and with much more effort. Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others are made easier and I am able to monitor the success of each campaign from the dashboard. I love knowing where each new opt in comes from!

What makes this program really special is that they take the time to hand pick interested parties that are ready to buy. A lot of marketing programs claim to filter their results carefully, but at the end of the day, a lot of leads I’ve found from other programs have been less than ideal candidates. Boost My Online Biz has people working for them that do the hard work for you—they throw away the less interested parties and deliver the highest quality potential buyers that click through emails and make purchases at online businesses. My email subscription list quadrupled in a couple of months, and my income has spiked as well.


I can definitely say that this program has connected me with hot buyers and  has given me a lot of great tools to use to get in touch with these new contacts. I was not expecting to love the email tools as much as I do! They make the process simpler and the added bonus of professionally written email scripts has allowed me to change up my marketing efforts. I love the reliability of these tools. I now schedule my emails with the perfect timing feature,which I was never doing in the past. I just sent the emails when I remembered to send them. However, this allows me to take advantage of the certain times of day that people are more likely to read my emails—even if those aren’t times when I’m at my desk and ready to hit send.

The automation of the email process has been a HUGE added bonus. If you’ve used automated email tools, you probably know that they can be pretty pricey on their own. I’ve seen programs that are higher priced than Boost My Online Biz that only offer the email portion and none of the ad campaign stuff. I love watching the analytics, seeing the tracking of when people open my emails an click on links within the emails. I have even added graphics to my emails with the included graphics pack, which has livened up my emails. Lots of unexpected features that I didn’t know I needed, but now I would be happy to pay extra for them. I didn’t have to, though!

If you’re always looking for the next big marketing thing or you want to find a time saving all-inclusive program, this has been working great for me. This is hands down the best business decision that I made  in 2015. (Oh.. and I highly recommend this Boost My Online Biz Forum if you have any questions about the service.  You can find me there 🙂



14 thoughts on “Boost My Online Biz: Legit or SCAM?

  1. I finally joined Boost My Biz after reading your review. Your explanation of Boost My Online Biz being a process and not a shady money making system helped me make the right decision.


    1. Hi there Chritine! Thanks for commenting. Boost My Online Biz is definitely a process. I like to get in a good routine of writing new ads and experimenting with my subject lines. Boost My Online Biz is certainly not a shady money making system. With a bit of effort you can make quite a bit of money from these leads. Let me know if I can give you a hand with your email copy 🙂


  2. Is there any way to get more than the 80 leads every day in Boost My Online Biz? Can I buy a bigger batch of them? I’ve been reading some amazing reviews and am eager to get started. Thanks Mark.


    1. According to the TOS you can’t create multiple accounts (unfortunately) There is a way to double your daily leads so you go from 80 daily to 160 daily. You just refer another member through your affiliate link. As long as you have 1 personal referral that is active your leads stay at 160 daily. This is a big incentive to referring at least just 1. There are affiliate commissions on top of that.


  3. Hi. I got a listjoe ad promoting this Boost My Online Biz which is why I started doing some research. I am promoting a diet e-book as an affiliate. Will the Boost My Online Biz leads convert for this?


    1. I use ListJoe as well Theresa. They have sure been around for a long time. I have a friend that promotes diet and fitness products and she just joined Boost My Online Biz. She seems fairly impressed with her results so far. The leads are home business targeted, so if your diet e-book has an affiliate side to it, I’m sure it would do well. Even if it doesn’t, diet products do tend to sell well in a variety of markets. Give it a go and let us know how you do!


    1. I haven’t used 7search April. I do however send out quite a few solos and I find Boost My Online Biz delivers a much better response at a much lower cost. Also your leads are yours forever so you can sell to them for years to come unlike a solo that is kind of a “one shot deal” I must however mention that one of the 8 traffic campaigns BMOB is running is Solo Ads, so you are definitely still getting some high quality leads from solos through the co-op.


  4. Hello Mark. I just created my account today after reading your review. My first mailing went out at 8:05 this morning and now its after 4pm. A full days time for the Boost My Online Biz leads to see my ad and respond. Out of the 80 I sent to I got 29 clicks and 2 purchases. I wonder if someone else will buy from me later tonight. Thanks again for sharing your experience with this service, it really helped me make my decision to join and I’m just so thrilled I did!


    1. 29 clicks and 2 sales for your first 80 Boost My Online Biz leads is amazing Debbie! Great to hear about your results. There are still 78 people in that lead set that could still buy from you. The leads are exclusive to you so no other members will be trying to sell to them. This was a big feature I was interested in during my preliminary investigation into the company.


  5. Nice review Mark. I’ve tried them as well and am really pleased with the response rate of Boost My Online Biz leads.


  6. My sponsor told me about this program over the weekend so thought I’d do some reading. Considering joining. Do you have an affiliate link I can join under Mark?


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